Rol ling back failed transactions In some situations, such as recovering from a deadlock or time-out condition, you may want to explicitly roll back the transaction using the Connection. A temporary LOB exists only within an application. Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. This enables a TimesTen extension that establishes prefetch on a connection level so that all of the statements on the connection use the same prefetch setting. You cannot pass parameters to a CallableStatement object by name.

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Associative array parameters are not supported with JDBC batch execution. This is a more standard and complete implementation. This section covers the following additional features: This section describes the steps jdgc Timesten jdbc cannot use SQL timesten jdbc syntax.

Connecting to a database: To avoid unnecessary rollbacks, design your application to avoid contention and check the application or input data for potential errors before timesten jdbc it. SQLException It returns true if the database is valid, or false if the database is in an invalid state, such as due to system or tmiesten failure. timesten jdbc

Timesten – JDBC

Disable autocommit as follows: First connection attributes are set when the database is first loaded, and persist for all connections. You must also register an output parameter timesten jdbc a CallableStatement object. The query timeout limit has timesten jdbc only when the SQL statement is actively executing.

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This is the default. Metadata methods will return Types.

This chapter describes the basic procedures for writing a Java timesten jdbc to access data in a Timesten jdbc data store. This program connects to a remote database and displays timesten jdbc contents of a table. At the statement level, you can use the following TimesTenStatement methods to manipulate the prefetch size and override the default value from the connection:.

For a working example, see the level1 demo. Example Con necting, executing SQL, and disconnecting. Application performance is influenced by the choice of set XXX calls as well as by any required data transformations before invocation.

The getReturnResultSet method must not be invoked more than once. TimesTen returns warnings when something unexpected occurs that you may want to know about. This eliminates the need for a subsequent SELECT statement and separate round trip, in case, for example, you want to confirm what was affected by the action. Because this is a general connection attribute, different concurrent connections to the same database can use different values. This eliminates the need for a subsequent SELECT statement and separate round timesten jdbc, in case, timesten jdbc example, you want to confirm what was affected by the action.

Application performance is influenced by the choice of get XXX calls as timesten jdbc as by any required data transformations after invocation.

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TimesTenDataSource (Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database JDBC Extensions Java API Reference)

The rest of this section provides details for timesten jdbc mode, considering the following query: Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Features supported by these classes and interfaces are discussed himesten in this chapter.

At runtime you must register an instance of your failover event listener class with the TimesTen connection object, so that TimesTen is able to call timesteen notify method of the listener class as needed for failover events.

Return the current LOB prefetch value that applies to the timesten jdbc either a value set in the statement itself or the default value from the connection, timesten jdbc applicable. Types such as Types.

Example Using an output parameter in a callable statement This example shows how to use a callable statement with an output parameter.

Timesten jdbc methods return Types. If you timesten jdbc not want to print the Context value, you can achieve better performance by using the getBytes method instead.

Wo rking with TimesTen result sets: