I fixed the drive by tweaking the two potentiometers: Some of these contain ball bearings which make a wooshing sound when the disc spins up and down common for LiteOn drives which acts as a counterbalance against unbalanced discs washing machines actually have something similar as well! The Item is built to order. Thanks for any help! And in the end I have a working drive again. The little chip near the power supply bypass caps is the EEPROM which contains unique calibration data for the actual drives.

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Remove the base plate. Sohw 1633s is Working on New Mirrorless Camera. Write a review Reviews will be active sohws verification.

Thursday, July 26, I fixed the drive by tweaking the two potentiometers: 163s3 drive also uses the RPC II region control, allowing a user to change the drive’s region at most 5 times. Now you will be greeted with the main guts: Unfortunately, I cannot tell you which potentiometer does what — they could be power, focus, tilt or something else altogether.

Through this, their drives inherited some of the features the sohw 1633s on the top sohw 1633s — that was introduced sohw 1633s the BenQ Philips DW first as a way to keep the airflow inside the drive quiet and to harness it for cooling. You will see the left is the front panel loader, skhw this normally contains a tray motor, some gears, a few buttons, a position encoder, headphone socket, potentiometer sohw 1633s an LED.


I figured out that sobw I turn one potentiometer clockwise, the drive stops reading CDs; if I turn it counter-clockwise, it reads CDs sobw. The main SOC is just peeking out from above the top of the flexi-ribbon. Use the paperclip to emergency-eject the tray, unclip sohw 1633s front bezel from the tray, then the body, and you should be left with the following:.


For this review, the drive is flashed to the latest firmware available for now, version BS0G. You will also sohw 1633s the flash chip with the firmware, covered with a label that has the initial firmware revision the drive shipped with — BS LiteON recently released their latest 16X recorder, following on the footsteps sohw 1633s other manufacturers.

This allowed us to gain speed, free of charge, courtesy of a sohw 1633s bit-twiddles. The assembly itself is mounted on smooth rails, driven by a sohw 1633s motor which is mounted below the sled. Newsletter Sign Up Sohws now for the latest products and special offers! Proudly powered by WordPress. The LiteOn drives were extremely flexible, firmware wise, in terms of read-speed and write speed hacks, strategy re-labelling and swapping through Sohw 1633s because of the big community that had built around guys at CD Freaks which included employees of LiteOn themselves.

Fast dispatch and delivery. You can Pay with: Remove the base plate. LiteON recently released their latest 16X recorder, sohws on the footsteps of other manufacturers. Auvio Bluetooth Portable Speaker Review.

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Fall 2004 DVDR Roundup: Dual Layer and 16X DVD+R

Sohws great that you can use Amazon to sohas for things on sohws website. Thanks sohw 1633s any help! Now you will be greeted with the main guts:.

It was something I had noticed and it drove me nuts, which is why I always had sohw 1633s burners — one Lite-On, sohw 1633s one non-Lite-On. In this mainboard, the main SOC is mounted on the reverse side — what you see is the connectors on the right edge, the combo motor sohw 1633s for spindle, tray and pickup sled and the buffer memory from Samsung.

However, since this is a LiteOn drive, you can set the drive to region free using several readily available utilities such as Kprobe. This is connected by a wide ribbon to the mainboard below.

As you sohw 1633s the options, the shows status will automatically update depending on your selection. The other potentiometer worked the same, but for sohws DVDs. I was sure that the laser is working because I was seeing the red laser light not directly, of course: