I see the pic in the link above but I can’t see my sensor. I believe it is only on one side – the y position sensor is actually underneath as shown in the link in the 6th post in this thread – it reads the little magnet or reflective part on the pinch rollers – to diagnose do as suggested above and turn off your sensors. I had done a factory reset, cleaned everything, fiddle with the rollers, etc.. The vinyl had jammed up and bent the sensor forward so it wasn’t sliding over the pinch roller. Naw havent really thought about quitting trying to figure it out. So maybe it is time to start over with a new machine in as well.

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I am having the same issue. Skeeter hasent seemed to give up on me quite yet.

Y-postion alarm – GraphTec Cutting Plotter Support Requests – USCutter Forum

Hi, thanks for your inquiry. You will do fine with both of them. Just have to figure them out. Mine is back together at the moment but if you take the top cover off there is a metal tab at each an you can see on the top of the carriage the black plastic sensor that slides over them. Hi, what exactly are your connection settings?


Hi, I am sorry but we are not affiliated with Graphtec and do not know this pepper software. Does anyone else have a picture they can post or any other recommendations?

Hello Lucian, sorry for our very late answer. Is it your software compatible? We are happy to assist you whenever needed. Hi there does your software support a Refine EH cutter? Is it possible for the sensor to fall off?

Posted July 7, I am having the same issue with my FC Which model are you showing of a graphtec? Checked it out and repaired it so that I could bring it home yesterday evening.

I would just prefer possitive comments to my questions. You graphtex to be a member in order to leave a comment.

Graphtec Ce Cutter

Above the pinch roller is a metal tab that passes through that when the head goes side to side and triggers the sensor. Register a new account. I m newbie in cutting. Please see pic attached of my machine. I am sorry but we are not affiliated with Graphtrc and do not know this pepper software.


Some take time and some are quick. Please follow these instructions to install the required driver: I had done a factory reset, cleaned everything, fiddle with the grapthec, etc.

Posted December 14, Thanks, Dakotagrafx, for fast responses. X-Position alarm is when the grit rollers get stuck. Turns out it was a bent push roller sensor.

Graphtec Ce2800-60 Cutter

When it is messed up, it goes past the rollers and hits the end of the machine. I know its been a while? I thing there is a solution to most problems. Dakota’s a smart dude.