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Handmade Japanese Samurai Sword Clay Tempered Katana Full Tang Blade Brass Tsuba

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Item Description

Steel: 1095 steel
Blade: clay tempered
Edge: sharp
Hamon: distinct real hamon
Hi(blood groove): Hi on each side
Tsuka (handle): Genuine Rayskin & brown Japanese cotton Ito with flower Menuki(Ornament)
Saya: Dark green color with one hook; Metal fitting on Saya mouth and tip
Tang: Signed full tang
Tsuba: Brass Ume blossoms patter tsuba
Other fittings: Brass
Condition: Brand new & can be fully disassembled and assembled
Blade Length (with Habaki): 70CM
Handle Length: 26CM
Overall Length (with Saya): 103CM
Weight (with Saya): 4 lbs
Weight (without Saya): 2.6 lbs
Package weight: 6 lbs

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